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Firm Attributes

Focused on a capacity constrained asset class, Bergen is both independent and aligned with its investors.

An Independent Investment Management Boutique

Bergen Park Capital provides our partners with specialized expertise in foreign SMID investment mandates. We offer flexibility, personalized service and client-focused education regarding the investment strategy, potential risks, and opportunities.

A Singular Focus on Foreign Smaller Companies

Bergen Park Capital differentiates itself through expertise, active management, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that are associated with this segment of the global markets.

Limited Capacity

Due to Bergen Park Capital’s concentrated portfolio and fundamental liquidity constraints, our estimated capacity is capped at ~ $2.5 Billion.

Significant Alignment of Interest

The Founder and CIO of Bergen Park Capital, Tucker Scott, is meaningfully aligned with our partners and has a majority of his long-term liquid assets invested in Bergen Park Funds.

The Opportunity

We strive to uncover opportunities in overlooked markets.

Bergen Park is an experienced manager of foreign smaller companies, a capacity constrained market segment for which there is a compelling long-term investment case.

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Bergen Park Capital
470 Electric Ave.
Suite 2E
Bigfork, Montana 59911
+1 (650) 454-5176