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Our Approach

Our investment process is active, concentrated, and focused on asymmetric value.


In less efficient markets, where there are fewer market participants, experienced active managers can have an advantage. Bergen Park’s in-depth fundamental research aims to uncover mispriced and overlooked securities.


Bergen Park focuses on its highest conviction ideas. Our portfolios are typically comprised of 25-35 positions.


Bergen Park employs a long-term value-oriented investment discipline. There is a special emphasis on balance sheet strength, free cash flow generation, and growth potential.

Asymmetric Return Profiles

Stocks approved for Bergen Park portfolios must pass two tests: 1) well-understood and truncated downside risk; and 2) a high expected total shareholder return over a 5-year investment horizon. Our focus on downside risk is a key component of our risk management.

Bergen Park Capital: Asymmetric Return Profiles

Strategy Profiles

  • Bergen Park Foreign SMID

    A long only concentrated portfolio of 25-35 positions diversified by both country and industry.

  • Bergen Park Global Opportunity Fund

    The long only SMID portfolio plus modest leverage, options, and ETF shorting capability.

Our Team

Meet the team behind our investment approach.

With over three decades of combined experience in international equities, Bergen Park Capital brings a wealth of knowledge to the global markets.

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